Are there 2 airports in Oslo?

Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) is 47km from the city centre and is the city’s main international airport. Torp Sandefjord Airport (TRF), about 110km south of Oslo, is used by several low-cost carriers.

How do I get from Oslo to the airport?

Travellers to Oslo Airport can use either the R10/R11 Regional Train or the L12 Local Train. Both trains stop at Lillestrøm station and Oslo Airport (Gardermoen). The estimated travel time between the airport and central Oslo is 23 minutes. There are more than 50 daily departures from Oslo to Oslo Airport.

What is the main Oslo Airport called?

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL IATA) is the main airport serving Oslo (the capital of Norway) and most of East Norway. The airport is at Gardermoen about 40 km north of Oslo about 20 minutes by train.

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Do I need a PCR test to go to Oslo?

You can travel to Norway without having to worry about anything more than having a good time! No testing, no face masks, no hassle.

Can you get a PCR test at Oslo Airport?


The test clinic at Oslo Airport is also a service for you who live in areas close to the airport, such as Jessheim and Eidsvoll. If you want to take a test or need a fit-to-fly / Fit-to-work certificate, you can use Dr. Dropin’s test clinic at Oslo Airport.

Is Oslo Lufthavn the same as Oslo Gardermoen?

Oslo Airport (Norwegian: Oslo lufthavn; IATA: OSL, ICAO: ENGM), alternatively referred to as Oslo Gardermoen Airport or simply Gardermoen, is the international airport serving Oslo, Norway, the capital and most populous city in the country.

Are BZE and TZA the same airport?

There are two airports in Belize City, the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) which currently serves all international flights into, and out of, the country, and the Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA) which is solely for domestic flights. Tropic Air operates hubs at both airports.

What is the difference between DTW and DTT airports?

Airport Detroit Metropolitan Area

DTT is the Metropolitan Area Code for Detroit. The airports are Detroit-Wayne County Airport (DTW), Flint-Bishop International Airport (FNT) and Detroit-City Airport.

How far is Oslo airport from the city?

How far is Oslo airport to city centre? Oslo airport is located 47.4 km away from the city centre; it takes around 40 minutes to reach by car or by taxi.

How much is an Uber from Oslo Airport to city centre?

75 $

Do you need negative Covid test to fly to Norway?

There are no requirements for testing, quarantine or registration upon arrival in Norway. Visit the Norwegian government website for further updates regarding testing, isolation and workplace guidance etc. For detailed information about travel to Norway, please see Health Norway’s (FHI) website .

Is taxi expensive in Oslo?

How much does a taxi cost in Oslo? Taxis in Oslo charge around 20 NOK per kilometre, and 7 NOK per minute. The base fare is about 80 NOK during the day, and 160 NOK at night.

Do you tip a taxi in Norway?

It’s expensive to travel by taxi in Norway, so use public transport wherever possible. If you have to use a taxi, a tip is not required, but many people choose to leave 10-15%, especially if the service is good.

How much is a cup of coffee in Oslo?

Soft drinks cost around 35-50 NOK/ 4-5 EUR. Coffee or tea costs 25-30 NOK/ 3-4 EUR. Cappuccino or late costs around 50 NOK / 5 EUR. Beer prices at a café usually start around 70- 90 NOK/ 7-9 EUR.

How much do you tip in Norway?

In Norway, tipping is not cumpolsory. It is however usual for Norwegians to leave a tip in restaurants and bars if they are happy about the service. A 10-20% tip is expected if the customer is satisfied. For Norwegians it’s uncommon to tip taxi-drivers or cleaning staff at hotels.

Is 10 euros a good tip?

For a smaller group, the tip should be more, and for a private guide, 10 to 20 euros for the group is fine in most cases, unless extra service is provided. At bars in Europe, tips are not customary, but leaving change or a few euros is always appreciated, if not expected.

Can I use the euro in Norway?

Does Norway use the Euro? No. Norway is not a member of the EU and so would not be eligible to use the Euro.

Should I take cash to Norway?

Get your money’s worth. The Norwegian currency is NOK (Kroner) which is sometimes mistranslated into “crowns” in English. But whatever we call our money, cash is no longer king in Norway, and almost all establishments now accept debit or credit cards.

What is not allowed to bring to Norway?

Drugs, medicines and poisons (minor quantities of medicine for personal use are permitted) Alcohol over 60% alcohol by volume. Weapons and ammunition. Fireworks.

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