How much is the ferry car from Kristiansand to Hirtshals?

The quickest way to get from Kristiansand to Hirtshals is to car ferry which costs kr 220 – kr 310 and takes 6h.

What is the fastest ferry to Norway?

HSC Fjord FSTR sails between Hirtshals and Kristiansand from the beginning of March to the start of November. It’s the quickest sea route to all your summer Norwegian adventures.

How long is ferry from Hirtshals to Norway?

Between Hirtshals and Kristiansand, Fjord Line has undoubtedly the fastest sea route between Denmark and Norway. The crossing only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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Is there a direct ferry from UK to Norway?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From here you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

How long does it take to get to Norway from UK ferry?

Dover to Calais: 120-minute crossing. Harwich to Hook of Holland: 8-hour crossing. Hull to Rotterdam: 11-hour crossing. Hull to Zeebrugge: 15-hour crossing.

How long does it take to get to Norway by ferry?

How long is the Ferry to Norway? Ferries to Norway can take between 10 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the route, the operator, and weather conditions.

How long is ferry from Scotland to Norway?

Most booked ferries to Norway

2h 15 mins.

How long does it take to sail to Norway from UK?

Four or five days out we’ll make landfall somewhere among the fjords and islands along the West Coast of Norway, possibly at Bergen, Maloy or Floro.

Can you take a train from England to Norway?

UK to Norway without flying

It’s easy to travel from London to Norway by train, taking an evening Eurostar to Brussels, going from Brussels to Copenhagen by train next day, then from Copenhagen to Oslo the day after that.

Is there a ferry from UK to Sweden?

You are not currently able to get a ferry from the UK to Sweden, but there are over 11 different destinations that you are able to get a ferry from. If you are looking to get a ferry to Sweden from England, you might want to consider searching for alternative routes available on our website.

Why are there no ferries from UK to Scandinavia?

The route ended in September 2014 after 139 years. The company cited dwindling passenger numbers and new environmental regulations as the reasons. So there is no ferry link between the UK to Scandinavia anymore.

Is there a direct ferry from UK to Denmark?

Although we no longer offer ferries to Denmark from the UK directly, there are still a number of convenient ways to get to Scandinavia from the UK using our other routes. DFDS offer a number of North Sea passenger ferry routes, including three crossings to Scandinavia.

What ferries go from UK to Denmark?

The only direct route from the UK to Denmark is Immingham to Esbjerg with DFDS. There are six crossings per week with each crossing taking approximately 18 hours.

How long is ferry from UK to Sweden?

Immingham to Gothenburg is the most direct ferry route to travel from the UK to Sweden. There are up to 6 departures per week with a relaxing 26 hour crossing.

Is there a train from UK to Sweden?

It’s easy to travel from London to Stockholm by train, either using Eurostar and the Hamburg-Stockholm sleeper train (option 1 below) or by daytime trains with an overnight stop in Hamburg (option 2) or in Brussels & Copenhagen (option 3).

Can I take my car from UK to Sweden?

Can I drive my car in Sweden? Yes, so long as you have all your essential documents, including a valid UK licence, V5 document and sufficient insurance for your trip.

What is the quickest ferry from UK to Spain?

Ferry Plymouth – Santander

On this route, Brittany Ferries sails with their flagship Pont Aven. This is the fastest ferry crossing from the UK to Spain. Plymouth is located in South-West England in Devon. This ship takes you 20 hours to Spain and is a one-night crossing.

Is Eurotunnel or ferry faster?

Is Eurotunnel quicker than a ferry? The boarding times for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle are quicker than most ferry crossings. And if you arrive early or late within a 2-hour window, you may be offered a space on the next available departure without any extra charge.

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