How to get to Sandefjord from Oslo Airport?

The best way to get from Oslo Airport (OSL) to Sandefjord without a car is to train which takes 2h 3m and costs kr 210 – kr 260.

How to get to Oslo from TRF?

You can take the train from Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn to Oslo. The station is located between Stokke and Sandefjord. The journey takes about 1 hours 45 minutes. There is a shuttle bus service between the airport and the train station, which is included in the train ticket.

Do I need a PCR test to go to Oslo?

You can travel to Norway without having to worry about anything more than having a good time! No testing, no face masks, no hassle.

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Does Oslo Pass include airport train?

Please note that the transportation with Flytoget (airport express train) is not included in the Oslo Pass.

How much is a taxi from Torp airport to Oslo?

A taxi ride to the centre of Oslo will cost you about 2,800 Norwegian kroner (285 euros), the journey time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How to get to Oslo train station from airport?

Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)

Travellers to Oslo Airport can use either the R10/R11 Regional Train or the L12 Local Train. Both trains stop at Lillestrøm station and Oslo Airport (Gardermoen). The estimated travel time between the airport and central Oslo is 23 minutes.

Is there a direct ferry from UK to Norway?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From here you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

Can you get a ferry from UK to Oslo?

If you’re travelling from the UK, our Copenhagen to Oslo ferry is the perfect route into Norway. Arriving in Copenhagen, you’ll sail overnight and next morning the breathtaking fjords will welcome you to Oslo.

Does Eurostar go to Norway?

Eurostar (w services running through the Channel Tunnel to Brussels put Norway within reasonable striking distance of the UK by train, but the whole journey from London to Oslo, which is usually routed via Brussels and Copenhagen, still takes about 22 hours and costs about £300 one-way (£350 return),

Why are there no ferries from UK to Scandinavia?

The route ended in September 2014 after 139 years. The company cited dwindling passenger numbers and new environmental regulations as the reasons. So there is no ferry link between the UK to Scandinavia anymore.

Is ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen scenic?

The ferry certainly isn’t the quickest way to go between Copenhagen and Oslo, but it sure is beautiful. The DFDS ferry between the two harbors takes around eight hours and is an overnight adventure.

What is the most scenic part of Norway?

1. Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and arguably the most famous fjord on the planet. Known for its deep blue waters, towering mountain peaks and abundant waterfalls, Geirangerfjord is the place to go for striking scenery.

Where should I stop between Oslo and Copenhagen?

Best stops along Oslo to Copenhagen drive. The top stops along the way from Oslo to Copenhagen (with short detours) are Kronborg Slot, Haga, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Other popular stops include Universeum, Tusenfryd, and Gekås.

Do I need a negative Covid test to enter Copenhagen?

COVID testing is not required when arriving to Denmark.

Do you need PCR to Denmark?

There are no covid-19 related restrictions on entry to Denmark. There are no covid-19 related restrictions on entry into Denmark.

How much does a Covid test cost in Copenhagen Airport?

Antigen test: Falck offers an antigen test at a cost of DKK 199.

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