Is Hurtigruten still sailing?

What does Hurtigruten mean in English?

Hurtigruten (literally meaning The fast route) is a ferry line along Norway’s jagged coastline. Marketed as the “world’s most beautiful sea voyage”, Hurtigruten ships traverse the western side of the Norwegian coast, largely sheltered by islands and skerries.

Are drinks included on Hurtigruten?

A full drinks package is included with your full-board dining, as well as all meals in the à la carte restaurant. Enjoy exclusive visits to the ship’s bridge, private airport transfers in selected ports, and two seasonal excursions of your choice.

Is Hurtigruten a luxury?

Guests can choose from three package levels, with the highest level including more than the lowest. Though the price point might indicate luxury, Hurtigruten is not for those who want a luxury cruise.

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What is the dress code on Hurtigruten cruises?

The dress code aboard the ship is relaxed and casual, and you are not expected to dress formally for meals.

What are Hurtigruten cabins like?

Hurtigruten’s Arctic Superior cabins are outside cabins (window) that are located on upper decks. All cabins are renovated and include a double bed or twin beds, as well as private bathroom with shower/WC. This is an unspecified cabin category; the exact cabin will be assigned to you upon check-in.

What makes Hurtigruten special?

Hurtigruten has a heritage of sea voyages that dates back to 1893. However, unlike most cruise lines, Hurtigruten Cruises focuses primarily on sustainability and is a leader in polar explorations. In addition, it provides unique experiences by keeping the smallest possible footprint.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line luxurious?

Norwegian is also a mass-market brand, not a luxury cruise operator. Still, as we’ll explain below, it offers a wide range of accommodations, some of which fall squarely in the luxury segment.

Do you tip on Hurtigruten cruises?

It is not common practice to tip on Hurtigruten ships on the coastal voyage, but if you feel that crew members should be rewarded for providing exceptional service, tip boxes are placed in the restaurant together with envelopes.

How much is a cruise to Hurtigruten?

Hurtigruten Cruises From $2446 per person

The most popular destinations for Hurtigruten are Expedition Cruises, Small Ships and Europe We currently have 1,285 itineraries from January 2023 to July 2024 starting from $2446 per person.

What is the food like on Hurtigruten ships?

The food is Norwegian and breakfast is buffet style with a selection of cold meats, cheese, eggs, cereals and fruit. Lunch is the famous cold table with a choice of fish dishes,cold meats, salads, a selection of hot dishes, desserts and fruit.

How much does a 365 day cruise cost?

The Ultimate World Cruise

Fares start at $59,999 for this cruise that gives travelers the opportunity to visit 11 of the great wonders of the world, including the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and Chichen Itza.

Can you hop on hop off the Hurtigruten?

Apart from the stunning scenery, one of the best things about Hurtigruten is its hop-on, hop-off style, so if you’re new to cruise travel—or simply don’t have time to do the full route—you have the option of joining just part of the coastal voyage with only one or two nights on board.

Are gratuities included on Hurtigruten cruises?

Hurtigruten has two separate tipping policies. On its coastal voyages in Norway, there’s a no-tipping policy. On expedition trips, Hurtigruten recommends a gratuity of 80 NOK (approximately $10) per passenger, per day, but the actual amount is left up to each passenger.

Is there free WiFi on Hurtigruten ships?

Yes, WiFi is available on all ships at a fee. If you have booked a SELECT* or PLATINUM package, WiFi is included in your cruise. Please note depending on the vessel’s location, internet connectivity and telephone usage may be out of range or limited due to the remote locations in which we sail.

Do Hurtigruten ships have casinos?

On Hurtigruten ships you’ll only have one to three restaurants to choose from, and onboard entertainment is limited, with no casinos or production shows.

Can you take alcohol on Hurtigruten cruises?

Can I bring booze onboard a Hurtigruten cruise? Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Only alcohol purchased onboard may be consumed on Hurtigruten ships. Alcohol purchased on land must be given to the crew who will store it and return it to passengers on the last day of the sailing.

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