Is there a ferry from Bergen to Copenhagen?

There are no direct ferry connections from Copenhagen to Bergen, BUT there is one from another Danish city called Hirtshals (except cruise ships).

Which is better Bergen or Stavanger?

Bergen and Stavanger are similart in many ways, Bergen is bigger and has more, surroundings are also more exciting. Both towns sit on fjords, both are near iconic fjords. Lysefjord at Stavanger, and a number of great fjords around Bergen. For 1 crazy fjord Stavanger is easiest as it is closer to the city.

How to get from Bergen to Stavanger?

How to Get from Bergen to Stavanger
  1. By Plane. Duration: 40 minutes. Air travel, in this case, is the most convenient option.
  2. By Car or Private Transfer/Ferry. Duration: 4.5 hours. On this route to Stavanger from Bergen, you’ll take not one but two ferries.
  3. By Bus/Ferry. Duration: 5.5 hours.

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Is there a train between Bergen and Stavanger?

Trains from Bergen to Stavanger cover the 99 miles (159 km) long journey. There are direct train services available. Travelers depart most frequently from Bergen and arrive in Stavanger S.

How many ferries are there between Bergen and Stavanger?

The Bergen Stavanger ferry route connects Norway with Norway. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Fjord Line. The crossing operates up to 7 times each week with sailing durations from around 5 hours 30 minutes.

How do I get to Stavanger?

Other means of getting to Stavanger include train, car, or long-distance bus service from other Norwegian cities. You can also get to the city by daily ferry from Bergen, calling at Risavika Port, which is a half-hour transfer from the city centre.

What is there to do between Bergen and Stavanger?

Best stops along Bergen to Stavanger drive. The top stops along the way from Bergen to Stavanger (with short detours) are Fløibanen, Fishmarket in Bergen, and Gamle Stavanger. Other popular stops include Bryggen, Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and Tourist Information in Bergen.

How do I get to Pulpit Rock?

Driving from Stavanger is the easiest and quickest way to reach the base of Pulpit Rock, a distance of 23 miles (36.5 km). The trip takes an hour and a half and with a ferry crossing connecting Stavanger to the town of Tau. Ferries depart frequently, take forty minutes to cross, and you buy your ticket on board.

How much is a train ticket from Oslo to Stavanger?

From Oslo to Stavanger by Train from €15.00 | railcc.

Is the train ride from Oslo to Stavanger Scenic?

The scenic views

It stops at many picturesque stations, towns and villages before traveling through Norway’s southernmost county, Agder. The green and mountainous scenery before Kristiansand is my favourite part of the journey.

Does Eurostar go to Norway?

Eurostar (w services running through the Channel Tunnel to Brussels put Norway within reasonable striking distance of the UK by train, but the whole journey from London to Oslo, which is usually routed via Brussels and Copenhagen, still takes about 22 hours and costs about £300 one-way (£350 return),

How far is Norway from UK by train?

London to Bergen (Oberbay) by train
Journey timeFrom 10h 37m
Distance620 miles (998 km)
Frequency10 trains per day
First train07:01
Last train20:01

Which UK airports fly direct to Bergen?

Norwegian Air Shuttle, which flies out of London Gatwick, offers non-stop flights to Bergen, Norway. Some flights with this airline also involve a single stopover, usually in Oslo. When you fly to Bergen from Heathrow with KLM or Air France, your flight will also involve one stop.

What UK airports fly to Bergen Norway?

UK Departures to Bergen

Manchester to Bergen 1 hour 40 minutes. Birmingham to Bergen 4 hours 10 minutes (no direct flights) Glasgow to Bergen 1 hour 45 minutes. Newcastle to Bergen 4 hours 20 minutes (no direct flights)

Is there a ferry from UK to Bergen?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From here you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

Can you visit the fjords from Bergen?

In and around Bergen you will find several fjords. Even the sea that you will see from the city harbour is a fjord, and is called Byfjorden. However, the most impressiv fjords with the high mountains on either side, is located both north and south of Bergen and can be seen on a day trip from Bergen.

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