Is Trondheim better than Bergen?

I find Trondheim equally as impressive as Bergen, but it has the advantage of being farther north, and I do love northern Norway! The old town is particularly beautiful, and then you can take the train farther north into Helgeland and Bodø.

Is the train from Bergen to Oslo scenic?

A train journey from Bergen to Oslo and reverse is considered one of Europe’s most scenic train journeys. A train passes through charming villages, large fjords, blue lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

How long is the train journey from Oslo to Trondheim?

The journey from Oslo to Trondheim by train and bus takes around 7 hours 30 minutes.

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Is Trondheim worth visiting?

Trondheim is a beautiful, and popular “port” town in Norway. It’s a popular stop for cruises, but Brad and I actually visited whilst on our 3 month road trip with Tinggly. We loved Trondheim. It’s a beautiful place with cobbled streets, lots of shops, a beautiful old town and a great cathedral.

How do I get from Bergen to Trondheim?

The best way to get from Bergen to Trondheim is to fly which takes 4h 3m and costs kr 470 – kr 1200. Alternatively, you can train, which costs kr 1100 – kr 1700 and takes 14h 28m, you could also bus, which costs kr 1100 – kr 1500 and takes 14h 47m.

How much is train from Trondheim to Oslo?

Overview: Train from Trondheim to Oslo

While the average ticket price for this journey costs around $15 (€13), you can find the cheapest train ticket for as low as $15 (€13).

Is Trondheim cheaper than Oslo?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Oslo and Trondheim

You would need around 52,823.70kr in Trondheim to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 59,000.00kr in Oslo (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living.

What is the longest train trip in the world?

The Trans–Siberian Railway which connects Moscow with the Russian far east is still the world’s longest direct rail route, running for 9,259 kilometers or 5,753 miles. The journey passes through the Ural Mountains, Siberia’s birch forests and Lake Baikal, taking 6 days according to The Telegraph.

What is the longest train journey in Europe?

1: Trans-Siberian Express is the longest train journey

Passengers on this European journey go through multiple time zones.

What is the most beautiful train station in Europe?

  1. Antwerpen-Centraal Station. Photo credit: Visit Antwerpen.
  2. St. Pancras International.
  3. Helsinki Central Station.
  4. Madrid Atocha Railway Station.
  5. São Bento Railway Station.
  6. Gare de Lyon.
  7. Milano Centrale Station.
  8. Liege-Guillemins Station.

What is the most scenic train ride in Europe?

10 of Europe’s most scenic train journeys
  • Flåm Railway, Norway.
  • West Highland Line, Scotland.
  • Rome to Palermo, Italy.
  • Mariazellerbahn, Austria.
  • Stockholm to Narvik, Sweden-Norway.
  • Glacier Express, Switzerland.
  • Mainz to Koblenz, Germany.
  • Nice to Digne-les-Bains, France.

What is the best train journey in the world?

The 10 best train journeys in the world

What is the most beautiful train station in the world?

Most beautiful railway stations in the world
  • Central do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Grand Central, New York.
  • Dunedin Station.
  • Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.
  • Central Railway Station, Maputo.
  • Union Station, Los Angeles.
  • Liège-Guillemins, Liège.
  • São Bento, Porto.

What is the most beautiful train?

1. The Bernina Express, Switzerland. If you’re looking for the most beautiful train ride on earth, you know that Switzerland has to be number one on this list. The Bernina Express is a scenic train route unlike no other.

What is a scariest train in the world?

  • World’s Scariest Train Rides.
  • Indonesia’s Argo Gede Train Railroad.
  • Japan’s Aso Minami Route.
  • Colorado’s Georgetown Loop Railroad.
  • Alaska’s White Pass and Yukon Route.
  • Argentina’s Tren a las Nubes.
  • India’s Chennai-Rameswaram Route.
  • Australia’s Kuranda Scenic Railroad.

Why is it called the death train?

It’s also known in Central America as “El Tren de la Muerte” or “The Death Train” because so many people fall off or die riding it. “I got here suffering many days on the train,” he said. “I suffered so much during the trip. I walked like 3 days in desert.

What country has the most train deaths?

Using Wikipedia’s list of rail crashes and its UIC-sourced list of rail passenger-km by country, one can compare different countries’ mainline passenger rail accident fatality rates. The US turns out to be the least safe among the regions I’ve checked, even worse than India; much-maligned China comes out first.

What is the coolest train ever?

The Best Train Trips in the World: 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards
  • Royal Scotsman, A Belmond Train, Scotland.
  • The Canadian, Canada.
  • Rocky Mountaineer, North America.
  • Inca Rail, South America.
  • Deccan Odyssey, India.
  • The Maharajas’ Express, India.
  • Golden Chariot, India.
  • La Trochita (The Old Patagonian Express), South America.

Which is the No 1 train in the world?

1: Shanghai Maglev – 460 kph/286 mph (China)

The world’s fastest public train is also unique — it’s the only link in the world currently carrying passengers using magnetic levitation (Maglev) rather than conventional steel wheels on steel rails.

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