What airlines fly direct to Norway?

Scandinavian Airlines and Norse Atlantic Airways both fly non-stop to Norway.

Which airlines fly out of Oslo?

AeroflotSU+47 64 81 04 10
AegeanA3+30 210 6261000
Air BalticBT+371 67006006 / +370 70055660
Air FranceAF+47 23 50 20 01

Which airlines fly from Oslo to UK?

Norwegian, Scandinavian Airlines and British Airways fly direct from Oslo to London.

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Are Norwegian still flying from Gatwick?

Norwegian has announced it will no longer fly long-haul routes, even after the pandemic, bringing an end to its low-cost, long-haul vision and spelling the loss of about 1,100 jobs based at Gatwick airport.

Does Eurostar go to Norway?

Eurostar (w eurostar.com) services running through the Channel Tunnel to Brussels put Norway within reasonable striking distance of the UK by train, but the whole journey from London to Oslo, which is usually routed via Brussels and Copenhagen, still takes about 22 hours and costs about £300 one-way (£350 return),

Which UK airlines fly to Norway?

Oslo is served by SAS, British Airways and Norwegian from several departure points with flights taking around two hours. Ryanair also flies to nearby Torp and Rygge from Stansted and other regional points.

Which airline is flying to the UK?

Iberia, American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, KLM, Aer Lingus, Qatar Airways, Delta, Virgin Atlantic and Air France fly direct to England.

Does Ryanair operate in Norway?

Travel to Norway with Ryanair and download the Ryanair app for a simplified travel experience, including live flight updates. The incredible Northern Lights can be seen from a number of locations in Norway, including Svalbard, Narvik and Hammerfest.

How do you get to Norway from UK?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From here you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

Is there a direct train from Copenhagen to Oslo?

Can you take a train from Copenhagen to Oslo? The simple answer is yes, but there’s no direct train. The journey take about eight-and-a-half hours and involves a change of trains in Gothenburg.

Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Norway?

If you’re travelling to Oslo, Ryanair flies into Oslo Torp.

How long is the train journey from Oslo to Bergen?

The Bergensbanen train between Oslo and Bergen takes about seven hours, has about 180 tunnels and 22 stops.

Is it better to fly into Bergen or Oslo?

Oslo and Bergen are both served by international airports, making it easy to reach either city. Oslo is a slightly better city to fly into as more cities will fly directly into Oslo, although Bergen has some international connections too.

Is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen worth it?

Is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen worth it? Most definitely yes. The journey may be slow but the scenery is spectacular, so you should just sit back and enjoy the ride as part of your holiday. And you have the bonus of knowing that you’re travelling on the greenest form of transport too.

Why is Bergen so popular?

It’s artsy and home to some of Norway’s best-known cultural figures. Bergen is known for its artistic strength. Among others the city has been the home of famous composers such as the classical composers Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull.

Should I go to Bergen or Stavanger?

Bergen and Stavanger are similart in many ways, Bergen is bigger and has more, surroundings are also more exciting. Both towns sit on fjords, both are near iconic fjords. Lysefjord at Stavanger, and a number of great fjords around Bergen. For 1 crazy fjord Stavanger is easiest as it is closer to the city.

Is Bergen the rainiest city in Europe?

Securing the number one spot as the rainiest city in Europe is Bergen in Norway! Topping the data table for being both the city with the highest average rain days per month (12.7) as well as the highest average daily rainfall (8.8mm), Bergen is the outright rainiest city in Europe.

How many days do you need in Oslo?

2 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Oslo. You can easily cover the city’s best sights, eat some delicious food, visit a few of the many amazing museums on offer, and enjoy being in nature – Oslo is, after all, situated on a fjord and surrounded by forest.

What is the best month to visit Oslo?

The best time to visit Oslo is from May to August when the temperatures rise and there are surprisingly affordable room rates available, though these options often fill up fast. Daytime temps generally hover in the 60s and 70s, but evenings can get chilly at times, so remember to bring a coat.

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