What is Telemark Norway known for?

Telemark is a historic inland region of southern Norway, known for its vast forests, valleys, skiing, and rural churches. The name was also used for one of Norway’s counties, which included the traditional Telemark region along with the urban areas along the coast.

Where is Vestfold og Telemark?


Where was Heroes of Telemark filmed?

The film stars Kirk Douglas as Dr. Rolf Pedersen and Richard Harris as Knut Straud, along with Ulla Jacobsson as Anna Pederson. It was filmed on location in Norway.

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How true is the film Heroes of Telemark?

In the public mind, the raid was captured in true Hollywood style by the 1965 film The Heroes of Telemark starring Kirk Douglas. That version was not quite true to real life – but the story of the real heroes of Telemark is still extraordinary.

Are any of The Heroes of Telemark still alive?

UPDATED: Joachim Rønneberg was the last surviving member of the group of Norwegian resistance fighters during World War II whose daring sabotage action in Telemark helped prevent Nazi Germany from developing an atomic bomb. Rønneberg died during the weekend, 99 years old, and he’ll be honoured with a state funeral.

Where is Lake Tinn Norway?

Tinnsjå (English: Lake Tinn), also called Tinnsjø and Tinnsjøen, is one of the largest lakes in Norway, and one of the deepest in Europe. It is located between the municipalities of Tinn and Notodden in Vestfold og Telemark county.

Where was Tirpitz in Norway?

Tirpitz was shot down in Kåfjord Northern Norway. A fjord just outside Tromsø, the biggest city in all of Northern Norway.

Where in Norway was sunlit night filmed?

The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway are the land of the midnight sun. Olympia, Wash.

How old was Kirk Douglas in The Heroes of Telemark?

I was standing next to Richard Harris when Kirk Douglas came on board the ship on which we were filming our first scenes of The Heroes of Telemark. At the time Douglas was pushing 48; his days as the virile leading man of Hollywood were numbered.

Did Kirk Douglas serve in WWII?

Douglas joined the United States Navy in 1941, shortly after the United States entered World War II, where he served as a communications officer in anti-submarine warfare aboard USS PC-1139. He was medically discharged in 1944 for injuries sustained from the premature explosion of a depth charge.

How long did Kirk Douglas live for?

“It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103,” Michael said. “To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into his golden years.

What was heavy water used for in ww2?

They needed heavy water to create a nuclear reactor, which was the stepping-stone to producing plutonium, and then an atomic bomb. The Allies did not know how far along the Germans were [in their researches] but the one thing they did know was the Nazi concentration on heavy water.

Can humans drink heavy water?

Drinking heavy water in small quantities does not harm. But, drinking in larger quantities for a prolonged period can cause dizziness and low blood pressure.

Why was atomic bomb not used in Germany?

The industrial and scientific capability of Germany was insufficient for the scope of this project. Thus America dropped the atomic bomb on August 6th, not Germany.

Can you make a nuclear bomb with heavy water?

In a heavy-water nuclear reactor, when neutrons bombard U-238, some uranium atoms absorb an additional neutron and are transformed into Pu-239. On the eve of World War II, scientists both in Germany and Great Britain realized that heavy water could be used in this way to make nuclear weapons.

Can you shower after a nuke?

Immediately after you are inside shelter, if you may have been outside after the fallout arrived: Remove your outer layer of contaminated clothing to remove fallout and radiation from your body. Take a shower or wash with soap and water to remove fallout from any skin or hair that was not covered.

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