What region is Fredrikstad from?

Fredrikstad (Norwegian: [ˈfrɛ̀drɪkstɑ] ( listen); previously Frederiksstad; literally “Fredrik’s Town”) is a city and municipality in Viken county, Norway.

What is Fredrikstad known for?

The Old Town – Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad is the best-preserved fortress town in Northern Europe. Although it surely takes you back in time, it is no museum: People still live and work here. The quarter is home to many galleries, artisans and cosy shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Which country is Fredrikstad FK?

Fredrikstad Fotballklubb (also known as Fredrikstad or FFK) is a Norwegian football club from the town of Fredrikstad. With nine league championships and eleven Norwegian Cup wins, FFK is one of the most successful clubs in Norwegian football. The club was founded in 1903.

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Which country is LKS Lodz?

ŁKS Łódź (Łódzki Klub Sportowy Łódź; Polish pronunciation: [ˌɛwkaˈɛs ˈwut͡ɕ]) is a Polish sports club based in Łódź.

What league is Fredrikstad?

Fredrikstad FK/Leagues

Which country is Silkeborg IF?

Silkeborg, city, eastern Jutland, Denmark, on the Gudenå River and Langsø, a small lake, west of Århus.

Which country is Notodden FK?

Notodden Fotballklubb is a Norwegian football club located in Notodden. The team currently plays in 2. divisjon, the third tier of the Norwegian football league system.

Which country is FK Teplice?

FK Teplice is a Czech football club based in the city of Teplice. The club currently plays in the Czech First League.

Which country is FK Pardubice?

Czech Republic – FK Pardubice – Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news – Soccerway.

Which country is FK Podgorica?

Montenegro – FK Podgorica – Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news – Soccerway.

Is Podgorica an Albanian?

Albanians are particularly concentrated in southeastern and eastern Montenegro alongside the border with Albania in the following municipalities including Ulcinj (71% of total population), Tuzi (68%), Gusinje (40%), Plav (19%), Bar (6%), Podgorica (5%) and Rožaje (5%).

What did Podgorica used to be called?

In the postwar communist period the city was known as Titograd in honour of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. After the collapse of communism, the city revived its old name, Podgorica, in 1992. Podgorica has several cultural and educational institutions, including the University of Montenegro (1974).

Is Podgorica in EU?

Podgorica (Cyrillic: Подгорица, pronounced [pǒdɡoritsa]; lit.


Podgorica Подгорица
Flag Coat of arms
Podgorica Location of Podgorica in Montenegro Show map of Montenegro Show map of Balkans Show map of Europe Show all
Coordinates: 42°26′28.63″N 19°15′46.41″E

Do they speak English in Podgorica?

English is not a widely spoken Montenegro language. They probably have their hands full juggling all those Balkan languages of which we spoke earlier. That said, however, you will find locals who do speak English in tourist centres.

What is the best area to stay in Montenegro?

Best Places & Areas to Stay in Montenegro
  • Tivat.
  • Kotor & Perast.
  • Budva.
  • Sveti Stefan.
  • Petrovac.
  • Bar.
  • Ulcinj.

What is the food like in Montenegro?

The average Montenegrin table at the farm or in a village consists generally of variations of meat – smoked and roasted, fresh cheese and other more or less known dairy delicacies, homemade bread and pies, salads of all kinds, made from fresh vegetables.

What to drink in Montenegro?

Aside from wine that Montenegro is famous for, rakija is rather popular traditional alcoholic drink Montenegrins boast with, along with beer and mead.

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