When should I change my teat size?

Signs that it’s time to move up a teat size
  1. Becoming impatient or aggravated when eating.
  2. Taking longer than 20 mins to finish a feed or they fall asleep on the bottle.
  3. Sucking hard and/or the teat collapsing in on itself.

What size are Medela nipples?

Benefits of storing and feeding milk using the same bottle

Medela bottles are shatterproof and available in two different sizes: 150ml with slow flow teat and 250ml with medium flow teat. Replacement teats can also be purchased separately.

Which teats fit on Medela bottles?

The standard neck silicone teat fits all Medela Breastmilk collection bottles for safe delivery of mothers’ expressed breastmilk.

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When should I change from teat 1 to 2?

Level 2 Teat, 3 months+
  • As a baby’s feeding develops and they are taking a longer time feeding from a Level 1 teat, many parents choose to move up to a Level 2 teat.
  • Consider Level 2 if your baby is accepting early solid foods, or if their Healthcare Professional has recommended thickening their milk.

Do you have to move up a teat size?

The size of a teat determines the speed of milk flow; smaller teats have a slower flow and milk flows faster from larger teats. It’s best to start with the slowest flow and work your way up to medium and fast flow as baby grows.

Do NUK teats fit Medela bottles?

NUK disposable teats have a 40mm threaded bottle collar. They will fit NUK Classic Disposable bottles. They will also fit leading breast pump bottles like Ameda, ARDO and Medela; plus narrow necked (sometimes referred to as standard necked) baby feeding bottles.

Do Dr Brown nipples fit Medela bottles?

Perfect for Medela bottles! I found the Medela nipples and collars very cheap. As recommended by several friends I bought the dr Browns nipple and collars and screw them right onto the Medela bottles making my life so much easier. They fit like a charm & my son loves them!

Can you put any teat on any bottle?

Yes you can. We used MAM teats in an avent bottle and in just a standard boots bottle and they were fine.

Do pigeon teats fit Medela bottles?

You can use alot of different brands teats in the medela bottles. If breas Read more. I use pidgeon small Peristaltic teats in the medela bottle, but you could also try to medela slow flow teats.

How do you know if teat size is too fast?

Signs teat flow is too fast

More milk ends up spilling out of the mouth than is swallowed. Clamps mouth shut or pushes bottle away and refuses to feed. Manages to finish the bottle but then projectile vomits everywhere.

How do I choose teat flow?

The Slow Flow teat (with the number 2 on the teat) is recommended for babies of 1+ months old that are breastfed and bottle-fed. The Medium Flow teat (with the number 3 on the teat) is recommended for babies of 3+ months old. The Fast Flow teat (with the number 4 on the teat) is recommended for babies of 6+ months old.

Will a bigger teat help with wind?

Consider the flow of the teat

A general rule of thumb is that newborns will need a slower flowing teat, which comprises of just one small hole as bigger holes can result in them gulping too fast and having excessive wind.

Can changing a teat size cause reflux?

Use the right teat shape, size and bottle for your baby’s suck…… The wrong size and shape teat can make reflux much worse. Too fast and your baby will gulp and take in large air bubbles, too slow and more air than milk is sucked in.

What happens if teat flow is too fast?

You may hear that you should keep the teat full of milk to avoid swallowing air. However where the milk flow is too fast and not in your baby’s control, it is more likely to cause indigestion or gas (Kellymom, 2020). Anecdotally, babies whose parents use paced feeding suffer less from gas (Herman, 2021).

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