How to get to Besseggen from Oslo?

The quickest way to get from Oslo to Besseggen is to drive which costs kr 500 – kr 800 and takes 3h 55m. How far is it from Oslo to Besseggen? The distance between Oslo and Besseggen is 208 km. The road distance is 256.4 km.

How to get to Besseggen from Bergen?

There is no direct connection from Bergen to Besseggen. However, you can take the bus to Tyinkrysset then take the drive to Besseggen. Alternatively, you can take the train to Gol stasjon then take the drive to Besseggen.

How do I get to Kjeragbolten?

How to get there. You can take the car ferry from Stavanger to Lysebotn and continue from there to Øygardsstøl by car or taxi. You can also drive towards Lysebotn via Sirdalen. In the summer, there is a bus service to Kjerag/Øygardsstøl from Stavanger.

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How difficult is the Kjerag hike?

1 | How difficult is the Kjerag hike? Let’s get this straight: climbing Kjerag is difficult! It’s a 9km route with 3 steep ascents all mixed in with lots of climbing on rocks which can be really slippery if it rains.

Has anyone ever fallen off Kjeragbolten?

Note that no deaths have ever been recorded of people stepping out on the rock. Some people might still find it too scary to take the leap as there are no safety fences under the boulder. If you don’t dare to make that final step, the hike is beautiful and well worth doing to enjoy the views.

How safe is Kjeragbolten?

Despite it seeming very dangerous, there hasn’t been a Krejagbolten death recorded due to someone falling from the rock. There are, however, 11 Kjerag deaths of people who have died from Base Jumping, but none of those deaths have been from falling off this world-famous boulder.

Can you drive to Kjerag?

Getting to Kjerag by car

You can reach the Kjerag trailhead by driving the mountain pass from Sirdal Valley to Lysebotn. From Stavanger, driving around the mountains is the fastest/easiest. You can also take the car on a ferry to Lysebotn, from Lauvvik, Forsand and Songesand.

How do you get to the Pulpit Rock in Norway?

Driving from Stavanger is the easiest and quickest way to reach the base of Pulpit Rock, a distance of 23 miles (36.5 km). The trip takes an hour and a half and with a ferry crossing connecting Stavanger to the town of Tau. Ferries depart frequently, take forty minutes to cross, and you buy your ticket on board.

How do I get from Oslo to Kjerag?

The best way to get from Oslo to Kjerag is to train which takes 9h 37m and costs kr 1400 – kr 2000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs kr 1100 – kr 1800 and takes 13h 18m. How long is the flight from Oslo to Kjerag? The quickest flight from Oslo Airport to Stavanger Airport is the direct flight which takes 55 min.

How long does it take to get to the top of Pulpit Rock?

The hike to Pulpit Rock is classified as a moderate hike. Round trip, this hike is 7.6 km (4.7 miles) that takes 4 to 5 hours. Kids can do this hike.

How difficult is Pulpit Rock hike?

The hike has an elevation gain of about 500 metres, and some sections are steep. As the hike is graded as medium difficulty, you should have some trekking experience in rough terrain before embarking on this trip. Summer at Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock).

Do you need hiking boots for Pulpit Rock?

There are some steep areas on the path so you’ll need to wear proper hiking shoes. Don’t be tempted to try and walk the trail in unsuitable footwear, such as regular running shoes, or flip flops, for that matter!

Can you see Pulpit Rock without hiking?

To get the view, you will have to take the hike. As noted in some of the other answers, you can see pulpit rock from the bottom with the fjord cruise, but you do not see the view from the rock itself. So, it will have to be your choice: the hike and the view or no view at all.

How many people have fallen off Pulpit Rock?

Pulpit Rock Safety

Despite this fact, there have not been any accidental Pulpit Rock deaths from falling off of Pulpit Rock. One death in 2013 was initially deemed to be an accident, but a subsequent suicide note caused it to be reclassified as a suicide.

Can you drive to the top of Pulpit Rock?

By car. The same story here – in the past, you could take a car ferry from Stavanger to Tau and from there, drive to the Pulpit Rock trailhead. This is not the case anymore! Nowadays, the best way to get from Stavanger to Pulpit Rock by car is simply by taking the new Ryfast Tunnel, aka Ryfylke Tunnel.

Are there toilets at Pulpit Rock?

Are there facilities at Pulpit Rock? No, there are no facilities on the hike. That means no toilets, bins, food or souvenir shops. There are toilets and bins at the parking lot at the start of the trail.

What to wear to Pulpit Rock hike?

6 | What to wear to hike Preikestolen
  • Hiking boots (we recommend boots rather than runners for the terrain)
  • Leggings.
  • Waterproof pants.
  • Long sleeve cold weather top.
  • T-shirt.
  • Lined waterproof jacket.
  • Hat.
  • Sunglasses.

Why is Pulpit Rock famous?

Pulpit Rock has been described by Lonely Planet as ‘one of the world’s most spectacular viewing points,’ and often features at the top of the list for natural wonders around the world.

Why is it called Pulpit Rock?

The name “Pulpit Rock” is derived from the geological feature’s resemblance to a pulpit, which is the raised stand used by preachers to deliver sermons in the Christian Church.

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