Is the train from Oslo to Bergen worth it?

Is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen worth it? Most definitely yes. The journey may be slow but the scenery is spectacular, so you should just sit back and enjoy the ride as part of your holiday. And you have the bonus of knowing that you’re travelling on the greenest form of transport too.

Is the train from Bergen to Oslo Scenic?

A trip on the Bergen Line offers one of the most spectacular scenic experiences in Europe. It crosses the Hardangervidda National Park, onto the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe’s largest high mountain plateau. The Bergen Railway was built in 1909 and runs over the highlands between Oslo and Bergen.

How long is the train journey from Bergen to Oslo?

The Bergensbanen train between Oslo and Bergen takes about seven hours, has about 180 tunnels and 22 stops. The trains between Bergen and Oslo are very comfortable and has a carrige with a cafe and refreshments.

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Can you visit the fjords from Bergen?

Bergen also serves as the “gateway to the fjords” and from the city you can easily reach beautiful fjords of Western Norway, for example on one of our trips.

What is the best month to visit Bergen Norway?

Most visitors to Bergen choose to visit in the summer, between May and September. If you visit in May, you have to experience the beautiful cherry trees around Lille Lungegårdsvann.

How much does the Bergen Light Rail Cost?

40.00 Tickets

Is 2 days in Bergen enough?

How many days should you spend in Bergen, Norway? 3 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Bergen. 3 days gives you enough time to get a taste of everything this beautiful city has to offer! If you’re not into outdoor activities, like hiking or kayaking, I think 2 days would be sufficient.

Is it better to stay in Bergen or Oslo?

If you want a taste of Norway, you should visit Oslo. You should visit Bergen if you came to see a fjord. If you love nature, hiking, the outdoors and the sea, then you won’t regret visiting Bergen.

Where do you stop between Bergen and Oslo train?

There are 22 stops between Bergen and Oslo: Arna, Vaksdall, Dale, Voss, Mjølfjell, Upsete, Myrdal, Hallingskeid, Finse, Haugastøl, Ustaoset, Geilo, Ål, Gol, Nesbyen, Flå, Hønefoss, Vikersund, Hokksund, Drammen, Asker, Sandvika. Consider getting off at Myrdal to take the famous train to Flåm.

Can you see the northern lights in Bergen?

While at times it is possible to see the Northern Lights from Bergen, their appearance is sporadic and uncommon compared to areas in northen Norway. If you are really determined to see the Northern Lights during your time in Bergen, don’t make the mistake of waiting for the lights to come to you.

Is the road from Oslo to Bergen Scenic?

A scenic drive across the Hardangervidda, Europes greatest mountain plateau, and the beautiful Hardangerfjord. This drive turns the journey between Oslo and Bergen into a unique nature experience. An effective route between the country’s two largest cities, as well as a journey filled with varied and beautiful scenery.

How long does it take to see the fjords?

5 to 7 days

After spending a day or 2 in the cities and smaller towns, it’s time to head out into the fjords and immerse yourself in natural Norway.

What month is best to cruise Norwegian fjords?

While sailings to Norway typically range from May to September, June to August is the peak of the season due to its pleasant weather, making this the best time to cruise the Norwegian Fjords.

What is the best time of year to visit the fjords?

The summer, with its warmer weather and plenty of opportunities for outdoors activities, is the high season for travelers to Norway, with fjord Norway being a hugely popular attraction. The autumn will bring lovely fall colors to the fjord landscape and is a great season for exploring Norway’s natural landscape.

Which fjord is most beautiful Norway?

1. Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and arguably the most famous fjord on the planet. Known for its deep blue waters, towering mountain peaks and abundant waterfalls, Geirangerfjord is the place to go for striking scenery.

What is the prettiest city in Scandinavia?

Arguably Scandinavia’s most beautiful city, elegant Copenhagen has it all, from gorgeous architecture, remarkable museums and galleries, charming canals, culturally diverse neighborhoods, and a fairytale-like old center to green parks, plenty of trendy cafés, the longest shopping street in Europe –The Strøget, the

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