Is there a ferry from Norway to Netherlands?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Norway and Holland operated by 1 ferry company – Holland Norway Lines. The Kristiansand to Eemshaven ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 18 hours.

Is there a ferry from Sweden to Norway?

Ferry from Sweden to Norway

There are 1 ferry routes operating between Sweden and Norway offering you combined total of 28 sailings per week. Fjord Line operates 1 routes, Stromstad to Sandefjord which runs 14 times daily. Color Line operates 1 routes, Stromstad to Sandefjord which runs 14 times daily.

Is the Netherlands close to Sweden?

Distance from Netherlands to Sweden is 1,213 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Netherlands and Sweden is 1,213 km= 754 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Netherlands to Sweden, It takes 1.35 hours to arrive.

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Which country is very close to Sweden?

It borders Norway in the west on the Scandinavian Peninsula; the Torne river forms most of Sweden’s border with Finland in the east. A portion of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle. The country shares maritime borders with Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Do they speak Dutch in Sweden?

In Sweden, virtually everyone speaks Swedish , or as they call it “Svenska.” Spoken by around 10 million people, you’ll not only find it in Sweden but in Finland and many bordering cities of Denmark, as well.

How do I get from Sweden to Netherlands?

The best way to get from Sweden to Netherlands is to fly which takes 4h 13m and costs 430 kr – 2000 kr. Alternatively, you can train, which costs 900 kr – 3000 kr and takes 19h 6m, you could also bus, which costs 800 kr – 1000 kr and takes 23h 27m.

Is there a ferry that goes to Norway?

Four car ferry operators sail daily to several destinations in Norway. Travel to Norway by ferry. There are regular ferry routes to Norway from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Where do ferries from Holland go to?

DFDS has one of the largest ferry networks in Europe, with routes operating to Denmark, Norway, the UK, mainland Europe and even the Baltic regions, including major cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo and Amsterdam.

How many hours is it from Holland to Norway?

A one-way nonstop (direct) flight between Amsterdam and Oslo takes around 1.8 hours.

Can you go to Norway by train?

By train. An extensive rail network links Norway to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. There are regular train connections to Oslo from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Most train journeys from the continent are overnight, and you will find sleeping compartments on all of them.

Is there a train from Sweden to Norway?

Stockholm to Oslo train is a smart way to travel in Scandinavia. Comfortable and fast SJ train from Sweden to Norway covers the distance of 416 km (258 mi) within 6 hours, taking you through magnificent Scandinavian scenery.

Can you see the northern lights from Oslo?

Can you see the Northern Lights in Oslo, Norway? Very rarely! It might happen once or twice a year but generally they will be hard to see and faint. With the amount of light pollution in Oslo, you will be extremely lucky to chance a good viewing of the lights during your stay.

Is Norway a cheap country to visit?

Norway has a reputation for being super expensive, and there is some truth to that, but actually, after spending 3 weeks roadtripping throughout the entire country, I can tell you it’s totally possibly to visit Norway on a budget!

Can I use Euro in Norway?

Does Norway use the Euro? No. Norway is not a member of the EU and so would not be eligible to use the Euro.

Is Sweden a good place to travel?

Most travelers encounter few difficulties in Sweden, finding it a place that welcomes visitors from other countries. An easy country to travel in, Sweden has well-functioning public transportation, a high level of safety and a population that for the most part speaks English very well.

Do I need cash in Norway?

The Norwegian currency is NOK (Kroner) which is sometimes mistranslated into “crowns” in English. But whatever we call our money, cash is no longer king in Norway, and almost all establishments now accept debit or credit cards.

Can I use Swedish Krona in Norway?

Despite Scandinavia being comprised of Sweden, Denmark and Norway there is no universal currency that you can use in all three countries, their currencies are not interchangeable despite them having the same name and abbreviations.

What things are free in Norway?

Our Top 10 Free Attractions in Oslo, Norway
  • Ekebergparken.
  • The Oslo Fjord Islands.
  • The Harbour Promenade.
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park.
  • Oslo’s Botanical Garden.
  • The Oslo City Hall.
  • The Royal Palace Gardens.
  • The Akerselva River.

Do you tip in Norway?

In Norway, tipping is not cumpolsory. It is however usual for Norwegians to leave a tip in restaurants and bars if they are happy about the service. A 10-20% tip is expected if the customer is satisfied. For Norwegians it’s uncommon to tip taxi-drivers or cleaning staff at hotels.

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