What is Bergen best known for?

Bergen is known for its artistic strength. Among others the city has been the home of famous composers such as the classical composers Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull. In modern times Bergen is proud to be the birth town of the musical giants, Alan Walker and Kygo.

How many days do you need in Bergen?

How many days should you spend in Bergen, Norway? 3 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Bergen. 3 days gives you enough time to get a taste of everything this beautiful city has to offer! If you’re not into outdoor activities, like hiking or kayaking, I think 2 days would be sufficient.

Are there fjords in Bergen?

In and around Bergen you will find several fjords. Even the sea that you will see from the city harbour is a fjord, and is called Byfjorden. However, the most impressiv fjords with the high mountains on either side, is located both north and south of Bergen and can be seen on a day trip from Bergen.

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How close is Bergen to fjords?

Bergen is often considered the Gateway to the Fjords because of its accessibility and close proximity to several fjords. For example, the longest fjord—Sognefjord, is north of Bergen. The Hardangerfjord is south of Bergen and is a distance of 47 miles (75 km). Driving takes around an hour to reach this fjord.

Which fjord is most beautiful Norway?

1. Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and arguably the most famous fjord on the planet. Known for its deep blue waters, towering mountain peaks and abundant waterfalls, Geirangerfjord is the place to go for striking scenery.

Does Bergen have mountains?

The seven mountains in Bergen are Sandviksfjellet, Fløyfjellet, Rundemanen, Ulriken, Løvstakken, Damsgårdsfjellet and Lyderhorn.

Is Bergen good for hiking?

A classic hike in Bergen is the hike across «Vidden». The hike takes approximately 5 hours and along the way you can experience beautiful views of both the city center and the islands and fjords outside of the city center. The hike between Fløyen and Ulriken is only recommended during the summer season.

Where are the fjords of Norway?

The most famous fjords are found on the western coast and in Northern Norway. Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord in the west are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, with their alpine mountains, waterfalls, and lush villages parading their fruit trees.

Which is better Oslo or Bergen?

Answer: Oslo

If you want to visit museums, galleries, see some fjords, and admire the Scandinavian architecture, Oslo is the perfect city to visit. Bergen, on the other hand, is a much more scenic place. It’s a better destination for travelers who would rather spend their time in nature.

Can I see Northern Lights in Bergen?

While at times it is possible to see the Northern Lights from Bergen, their appearance is sporadic and uncommon compared to areas in northen Norway. If you are really determined to see the Northern Lights during your time in Bergen, don’t make the mistake of waiting for the lights to come to you.

Is Bergen a walkable city?

There are many areas of downtown Bergen that see very little if any traffic. And these cobblestone lanes have made Bergen one of the most walkable cities that we’ve visited. Wandering around the narrow streets of Bergen was one of the highlights of our visit.

Do they speak English in Bergen?

According to the tests, Bergen was the city with the best English speakers. Residents there scored a very impressive 655 points. After Bergen, Oslo and Hamar were the cities with the best language skills.

Is Bergen cheap to live in?


Cost of apartments varies across the country, but if you intend to rent something in the center of Bergen, you will have to pay around 600$ for a 200–350m2 room in a shared apartment, and from 1200$ and upwards for a small apartment. A spacious apartment or a house will cost you from 1800$ and upwards.

Is it nice to live in Bergen?

While the cost of living in Norway is high compared to many other countries around the world, wages are, generally, higher too. Bergen has a very low crime rate and is a family-friendly city, with a natural playground on its doorstep. All of these reasons make it a destination of choice for many expats.

Can you understand Norwegian if you speak Swedish?

Mutual intelligibility

Generally, speakers of the three largest Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) can read each other’s languages without great difficulty. The primary obstacles to mutual comprehension are differences in pronunciation.

Which is the easiest Nordic language?

Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian? For an English native speaker, they’re all relatively easy. But, Norwegian is definitely the easiest Nordic language to learn from the Scandinavian region. When it comes to Danish vs Norwegian, Norwegian is easier to understand.

Is Norwegian closer to Danish or Swedish?

Danish and Norwegian are very similar, or indeed almost identical when it comes to vocabulary, but they sound very different from one another. Norwegian and Swedish are closer in terms of pronunciation, but the words differ.

Do Norwegians and Swedes have the same DNA?

The Swedish individual has a Southern Europe component, which according to the write-up from FamilyTreeDNA includes some of the settlers of Sweden, which were generally replaced. The Norwegian individual had no component from this area. Both individuals have additional contributions from areas outside of Europe.

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