What is the story of Les Misérables all about?

Les Misérables centres on the character Jean Valjean, an ex-convict in 19th-century France. The story spans many years as it tells of Valjean’s release from prison and reformation as an industrialist while being constantly pursued by the morally strict inspector Javert.

Who was the original cast of Les Mis?

The original Broadway production starred Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean, Terrence Mann as Javert, Randy Graff as Fantine, Frances Ruffelle as Eponine, Leo Burmester as Thénardier, Jennifer Butt as Madame Thénardier, David Bryant as Marius, Judy Kuhn as Cosette, Michael Maguire as Enjolras, and Donna Vivino as Young

Who wrote the original music for Les Misérables?

Les Misérables/Composers

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What is the deeper meaning of Les Misérables?

Les Misérables is a show about courage, love, heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit—themes which undoubtedly transcend time and place. Perhaps the most relevant themes, however, are related to the dignity of the human person.

Who played the best Jean Valjean?

Colm Wilkinson. Arguably the most iconic and popular portrayal of Valjean out there, Wilkinson originated the role on the West End, reprised it for the original Broadway cast, and would later reprise it a few other times, most notably in the 1995 10th Anniversary “Dream Cast in Concert” production.

Did Andrew Lloyd Webber write the music for Les Misérables?

Although Andrew Lloyd Webber is an extremely prolific composer, he did not compose the stage version of Les Misérables (1980). The composer for that play was French musician Claude-Michel Schönberg.

Did Victor Hugo write songs in Les Miserables?

Les Misérables is a sung-through musical based on the 1862 novel Les Misérables by French poet and novelist Victor Hugo. Having premiered in Paris in 1980, it has music by Claude-Michel Schönberg and original French lyrics by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel, with an English-language libretto by Herbert Kretzmer.

Why did Victor Hugo wrote Les Mis?

Answer and Explanation: Victor Hugo claimed that he wanted his novel to draw attention to the effects on society of ignorance and poverty. The actual event that inspired the author was the June Rebellion of 1832. Themes that pervade the novel are the power of the law and the power of human grace.

Is Jean Valjean a true story?

Valjean’s character is loosely based on the life of Eugène François Vidocq, an ex-convict who became a successful businessman widely noted for his social engagement and philanthropy. Vidocq helped Hugo with his research for Claude Gueux and Le Dernier jour d’un condamné (The Last Day of a Condemned Man).

How was Jean Valjean so rich?

Valjean moves to the town of Montreuil-sur-mer and becomes rich after inventing a new way of making black jade glass. He follows Myriel’s advice and devotes his life to helping others. One day, Valjean runs into a prostitute named Fantine and promises to take care of her and her daughter.

What did the priest say to Jean Valjean?

The Bishop drew near to him, and said in a low voice: “Do not forget, never forget, that you have promised to use this money in becoming an honest man.” Jean Valjean, who had no recollection of ever having promised anything, remained speechless. The Bishop had emphasized the words when he uttered them.

Is there any truth in Les Misérables?

While the main characters featured in Les Miserables were not real people, many are closely inspired by historical figures or events from Hugo’s own life.

What is the saddest song in Les Mis?

A Definitive Ranking of the 15 Saddest Songs in the Les Miz Score
  • Drink with Me.
  • Castle on a Cloud.
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.
  • Fantine’s Arrest.
  • On My Own.
  • Finale.
  • A Little Fall of Rain.
  • I Dreamed a Dream.

What does the ending of Les Misérables mean?

The lines that close the book, Hugo tells us, were scribbled anonymously on top of his gravestone. They suggest that Jean Valjean had a chance to live, love, and suffer, just like all human beings, and that there’s something very peaceful and natural about this cycle of life and death, just as night always follows day.

What illness does Fantine have?

He feels sorry for the innocent Fantine and Cosette, and tells her that he will retrieve Cosette for her. He sends Fantine to the hospital, as she is suffering from tuberculosis.

Did Jean Valjean fire Fantine?

At first, Fantine finds a decent job in a factory owned by Jean Valjean. But she gets fired when her manager finds out she’s an unwed mother.

Are Jean Valjean and Fantine in love?

Through Jean Valjean’s love for Fantine, he soon came to develop a love for Cosette shortly after rescuing her. With his love for Fantine, he quickly finds responsibility for the child.

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