What is there to see between Ålesund and Trondheim?

The top stops along the way from Alesund to Trondheim (with short detours) are Geirangerfjord, Aksla Viewpoint, Alesund, and Trollstigen. Other popular stops include Atlanterhavsveien, Seven Sisters Waterfall, and Trail Head to Varden Molde Panorama.

How to get from Bergen to Ålesund?

How to Get from Bergen to Ålesund
  1. By Plane. Duration: 40 minutes. By far the quickest to get to Ålesund is by taking a direct flight from Bergen Airport (BGO) to Ålesund Airport (AES).
  2. By Hurtigruten Cruise. Duration: 1 day.
  3. By Private Transfer or Car/Ferry. Duration: 7.5 hours.

Can you fly from Oslo to Ålesund?

Traveling the 328 miles (529 km) from Oslo to Ålesund is straightforward, and there are a few routes to choose from. There is a daily direct flight from Oslo that makes this the quickest option for anyone with a time crunch.

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How many days do I need in Ålesund?

Because while there are loads of things to do in Ålesund that will take up several days (2-3 days there would be ideal), there’s also so much to do in the surrounding area.

How do I get to Ålesund Norway?

Getting to Ålesund

Both SAS and Norwegian operate several daily flights to/from Oslo. The airport is a 10.5-mile drive from central Ålesund, and for those without their own transport, a bus shuttle operates in conjunction with every flight departure and arrival. The one-way fare for the 25 minute journey is 80kr.

Can you fly from Oslo to Svalbard?

Both Norwegian and SAS offers flights to Svalbard. The flights from Oslo takes about 3 hours, from Tromsø about 1 ½ hours.

Can you fly to Eyre Peninsula?

With over 35 flights a day between the Eyre Peninsula and Adelaide, it’s never been easier to access this amazing region. Regional Express and Qantaslink offer flights in and out of Ceduna, Whyalla and Port Lincoln.

How do you fly to Okavango?

To get there you fly via Johannesburg, Cape Town or Kasane. Once in Maun, the adventure begins as you hop on a small plane that transports you to your first accommodation. Look down during the flight and gaze at reeds beds, wildlife, palm tree islands and 10,000 square miles of waterways.

Can you get to Norway from Shetland?

The fastest way to get from Shetland Islands to Norway is to fly which takes 9h 47m and costs £75 – £270. How far is it from Shetland Islands to Norway? The distance between Shetland Islands and Norway is 572 km.

Are the Shetlands closer to Scotland or Norway?

The Shetland Islands are the most northerly part of the United Kingdom, a group of islands 100 miles / 160 km north of mainland Scotland. The largest town, Lerwick, is closer to Norway than to Edinburgh, and culturally and geographically they feel more Norse than Scottish.

Can you see northern lights from Shetland?

As Shetland lies closer to the North Pole than any other part of Britain, it’s the best place to see the Northern Lights.

Is Shetland Irish or Scottish?

Lying roughly 100 miles off the north east coast of Scotland, the Shetland Islands are the northern-most tip of Scotland.

Why is Shetland called Perez?

How did the character of Jimmy Perez come about? A. I wanted a central character who was a Shetlander but still felt like an outsider. So I made him a Fair Islander and gave him a Spanish name.

Is Shetland Viking?

Shetland, like neighbouring Orkney, was once a Viking stronghold and the imprint they left on the islands still exists to this day. The names of places, geographical features, birds and parts of boats have Scandinavian roots, as do many personal names.

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